TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning

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This TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning Certification is to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to keep a care-provision organisation running smoothly and efficiently at management position.

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The TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning is regulated by Ofqual.

This TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning online course  aims to build abilities in a variety of areas related to managerial jobs, such as communication, presentation skills, and project management, and can be used to validate the competence of people already in managing positions.

 Qualification Purpose

The TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Principles of Management (QCF) course competency-based certification is based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) and helps learners build the skills and information they need to succeed in management and leadership roles. In accordance with the CfA evaluation strategy, the qualification must be examined in the workplace or in a realistic work environment (RWE). The qualification is general, meaning it can be used in similar employment tasks in a variety of industries.

Who is it Suitable For?

This TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning Certification Course designed for people who want to learn the abilities they’ll need to succeed in a variety of management and leadership positions. Learners can personalise their qualification and learning by completing optional units relevant to their experience or employment role.

What should be the entry requirements?

  • To meet the entry requirements, applicants should have a minimum of GCSE or equivalent. Candidates with at least one year of relevant work experience will be considered based on an Eminence Global interview.
  • To enrol in this programme, a candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Well there aren’t any specific and no formal needs
  • Be working at a project function appropriate for this particular pathway
  • IT literate (Web, Microsoft office)
  • Able to Comprehend and interpret course stuff
  • Self-motivated and willing to finish and attain
  • Have access to an Experienced Supervisor that will execute monitoring at work


    •       The course is delivered online through our cutting edge online portal site.
    •       The free textbook we supply and our comprehensive assessment plans directly assist you to step by step.
    •       You’ll have a committed Assessor that will provide assistance and assess your work.


You will be assessed by completing all the required assessments with your tutor providing feedback following completion of each.

All assessments must be completed and passed in order for you to successfully achieve the qualification.


Here at team leader training, Once you have achieved this qualification you could progress to further qualifications such as:

  • Level 5 Diploma in Management (QCF)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Customer Service (QCF)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Administration (QCF) or other management or business related qualifications.


You will be able to progress into a variety of careers including:

  • Office Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Administrative Manager
  • Other Management job


On successful completion of this course, you will receive a TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning certification.


To achieve the TQUK Level 4 Diploma in Management (RFQ) – Distance Learning London Course, learners must achieve a minimum of 37 credits

  • Principles of building respectful and productive working relationships in organisations (7 Credits)
  • Managing personal and professional development (6 Credits)
  • Principles of management and leadership in organisations (6 Credits)
  • Operational and Human Resource Planning and Management (7 Credits)
  • Business Performance Measurement and Improvement (6 Credits)
  • Principles of business strategic planning and development (5 Credits)

Benefits against other online leadership training programs:

  • Employees will earn a nationally recognized level 4 qualification certificate.
  • Employees will be able to learn from home, on their own time
  • Employees will have access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • Employees will receive subject specialist support from a Tutor and access to a Learner Support Advisor for everyday queries

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